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102 West Bond Street
Corry, Pa 16407
Bond Spring Capabilities, Mission and History
Bond Spring Corporation specializes in the manufacture of wire springs, rings, and straight rod for your specific applications. From springs used by the military to manufacture bomb ‘bots used in land mine discovery to springs produced for the oil and gas industry and almost every spring in between, Bond Spring has the experience to manufacture the right product for your job.

Our products are divided into the following four general categories: Compressions Springs, Extension Springs, Torsion Springs, and Rings and Straight Rod. All standard size wires from .008" diameter through .156" diameter are kept in stock, with spring size ranging from .062" to 2.750" diameter.

Because Bond Spring is a small company, we are able to produce a high quality product for our clients at a reasonable cost. And, small quantities are our specialty.


Our Mission is to provide our clients with a high quality, high value product.

Bond Spring Corporation History

Bond Spring was started in 1969 by Roger Haight and Everett Phillips. The business was originally located in Edinboro, PA before moving to its current location at 102 West Bond Street in Corry. Roger focused on sales and marketing, while Everett focused on manufacturing.

In 1977, Everett's son Gary purchased his father’s interest in the business. Roger and Gary continued to grow the business and its client base for the next several decades. Bond Spring’s client list grew to include companies throughout North America and Europe. Upon Gary's death, Roger became the sole owner and continued to the run the business through 2006.

On January 1, 2007, Bond Spring Corporation was purchased by current owners Rob and Kristy Elchynski. The brother and sister team, who have a lengthy background in manufacturing and several successful investments, see Bond Spring as an exciting opportunity for growth and success.