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Bond Spring is an industrial spring manufacturer, specializing in custom engineered compression springs,
extension springs, torsion springs, wire rings and straight rod for OEM and replacement springs.

Bond Spring Corporation manufactures small steel springs for industrial applications, including agricultural equipment, plastics, the oil and gas industry, office furniture components, nuclear power plants, air valves and cylinders, fire hydrants, and quick connects for heavy equipment. We service both domestic and international clients.
compression springs extension springs

Compression Springs

Extension Springs

Bond Spring fabricates high-grade custom compression springs. Compression springs are open coiled, helical springs which resists pushing forces and contract upon their application.
Bond Spring produces high-grade, custom extension springs. Extension springs are close-coil helical springs, which resist pulling forces and extend upon their application.
torsion springs wire rings

Torsion Springs

Wire Rings and Straight Rod

Our Materials:
  • music wire
  • oil tempered steel
  • chrome silicon
  • monel
  • hastelloy
  • stainless steel
  • inconel
We manufacture high-grade, custom torsion springs - close-coil helical springs, which resist externally applied radial forces. When tension springs are deflected, it reduces in diameter and increases in overall length.
Bond Spring fabricates precision-crafted custom wire rings a variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations. We also provide straight rod in a variety of lengths and diameters, and can be formed into various shapes with angles and bends.
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